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Terms & Conditions

CasaMeals.Com is a platform facilitating a community to come together around the love for cooking and food.

In the following Terms & Conditions it is stipulated that the user of the Casameals website is responsible for the content and the services delivered; their quality, accuracy and legality. CasaMeals merely acts as a facilitating platform and can never be held responsible.

Everybody, user and visitor, of the CasaMeals-site accepts the rules and terms & conditions as described below.

We urge you to re-visit these terms (published on the website) on a regular basis, as certain terms and conditions may change over time.


The objective of the CasaMeals community, is to provide a simple, convenient and cost-effective way to the 'cooking community' by offering members a 'meal- link' with other members (the so-called 'home-cooks') in their area. Any accepted and registered, non-professional member of the site, is offered the opportunity to offer and share food with another member by cooking an 'extra' portion or preparing an extra meal - occasionally - and offering this to another member.

Moreover, the 'sharing food' also helps 'sharing the costs' of the 'home-cook' (ingredients and energy consumption) with members of the community. The dynamics of this site also brings people together and can build a true and warm community.

Purpose of CasaMeals

CasaMeals has created a community-platform to connect its members using the CasaMeals systems, processes and resources.

On the CasaMeals platform, 'home cooks' may post 'home cooked meals' for other members.

CasaMeals is not a service company and does not manage individual products nor services, individuals, companies or their work in any manner. Nor does CasaMeals buy and sell meals, goods and services. CasaMeals does not take ownership of the goods but only provides a communications service between the members; they can find each other, order from one another, and pay one another. CasaMeals is not 'in between' or 'in the middle' of two members; CasaMeals is only a third-party facilitating platform, facilitating the contacts, communications and dealings between the members.

The tool to achieve this interaction and communication is the CasaMeals platform: this is an online portal and website located at (hereafter named 'the Site') provided by CasaMeals where members may locate other members (called 'home cooks') from which they can obtain 'home-cooked meals' at a fixed price (and at pre-determined conditions), solely set by and at the discretion of the 'home cook'.

Roles of the parties

If a member decides to request a meal from a 'home cook' -member, an agreement is established directly between these two members subject to the terms specified in this document.

CasaMeals is not a party to any agreement or arrangement between members, and CasaMeals itself does not prepare, cook, buy, sell, deliver any of the meals nor related services, nor does CasaMeals make any representations regarding the quality or availability thereof.

The member expressly acknowledges, agrees and understands that :

  • the CasaMeals Platform is merely a cyber-venue where members may act as members ;
  • CasaMeals is not a party to any understanding or arrangement between members ;
  • the member recognizes, acknowledges and agrees that he/she is not an employee of CasaMeals and that CasaMeals does not, in any way, supervise, direct, or control member's work, processes or services ;
  • CasaMeals shall not have any liability or obligations under or related to the arrangement or any acts or omissions by members ;
  • CasaMeals has no control over the members nor over the products, meals and services posted, promised or rendered by members; and,
  • CasaMeals makes no representations as to the quality, reliability, capability, or qualifications of any member or the quality, availability, security or legality of any product or serviced delivered, and CasaMeals disclaims any and all liability relating thereto.

Members acknowledge and agree that by entering into this Agreement with CasaMeals, it does not create, establish or otherwise constitute an employment relationship or any other agreement or relationship- of whatever nature- with CasaMeals, other than what is described in this page.


CasaMeals hosts and shows data and content on an 'as-is' basis. CasaMeals does not make any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the content or availability of the information provided on CasaMeals. In other words, the information provided has been uploaded and provided by members and not by CasaMeals. CasaMeals is not responsible for this content, nor for its accuracy nor for its completeness.
Nor does CasaMeals claim that the food will be of good quality, of good taste, be in sufficient portions, be timely or error-free. Nor does CasaMeals guarantee availability of any of the meals. CasaMeals will not correct any of these shortcomings, flaws, imperfections or 'defects'.

Neither CasaMeals nor its directors, affiliates, directors, managers, officers, agents, employees or contractors shall have any liability for any direct, indirect, special or consequential losses or damages (including without limitation, damages for loss of business or loss of profits), arising in contract, tort or otherwise from the use or inability to use CasaMeals.

CasaMeals is not legally responsible nor liable for any remarks, information or other content posted or made available on the CasaMeals Platform by any member or third party, even if such information or content is deflamatory or otherwise legally actionable.

CasaMeals is not responsible for and does not monitor or censor content for accuracy or reliability. However, CasaMeals, at its own discretion, reserves the right to remove or restrict access to any information or content posted or made available on the CasaMeals Platform, if CasaMeals considers such information or content to be in violation of this Agreement or if the member has violated the terms of this Agreement. Violation of the Agreement by the user, may result in immediate suspension or termination without further notice.

Intellectual Property

All copyright, registered names, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in CasaMeals and its content (including lay-out, design, video clips, texts, graphical representations, logos, images and all software, databases and source code connected with CasaMeals) are owned by or licensed to CasaMeals or otherwise used by CasaMeals as permitted by law.

It is not allowed to print, copy, reproduce, download, republish, broadcast, transmit, display,stream, modify or re-use the materials from CasaMeals for anything other than personal, non-commercial use. That also includes any purpose which publicly re-sells or re-uses the materials, without the prior written consent of the copyright holder.

'CasaMeals', 'home cook', and the CasaMeals-logo are trademarks of CasaMeals and thus our Intellectual Property.


As a member, you accept to indemnify and hold harmless CasaMeals and its directors, officers, employees, managers, affiliates, agents, vendors, advertisers, partners and suppliers and keep them indemnified against all loss, costs, actions, proceedings, expenses (including all legal fees), claims and damages arising from your access to (and use of) CasaMeals, any breach or violation of these terms or your violation of any law or your violation of the rights of any third party.

Outage and continuity

This clause deals with the possible 'outage' and non-availability of the CasaMeals site. The member understands and accepts that CasaMeals may be unavailable at certain times. This can be caused by many reasons such as –for instance - unforeseen events or to allow for maintenance and upgrades. CasaMeals reserves the right to limit, alter or withdraw the availability, accessibility and up-time of the site at any time without prior notice.

Related sites

CasaMeals may contain links to other websites. It is understood that those 'third party' websites have not been designed by, are not hosted by and are not under the control of CasaMeals. Therefore, CasaMeals is not responsible for the practices, functionality, content or availability of these 'linked websites'. The fact that CasaMeals shows a particular link on the site, does not imply collaboration with, endorsement of, sponsorship of, or affiliation with that other site. These links are only and solely for the members' convenience. You understand and accept that accessing these linked third party sites, is exclusively at your own risk, and CasaMeals will not and cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages caused by use of or reliance on any contents, procedures, goods, processes or services available on these related sites.


Depending on the country, state or location you are in, you may have to be over 18 years of age (or any other age) to use the CasaMeals site. You are responsible to check the legislation of your legal territory – prior to registering - and to comply with any legislation that is applicable to you.

You warrant and guarantee that all the personal information provided by you is true, genuine, accurate, current and complete in all respects. You agree to inform and notify us immediately of any changes that may occur in your personal information.

You agree to use your true identity and never to impersonate any other person or entity or to use a false name (neither alias nor nick-name) or a name that you are not legally authorized to use.

It is strictly forbidden to register multiple memberships for use by the same person. Violation may result in immediate termination of your membership.

You understand and accept that personal access information such as member names and passwords should be kept confidential at all times, and must not be shared or disclosed to anyone.

Only you are exclusively responsible for all activities and orders that occur or are submitted through your membership. If it comes to your attention or even if you think or suspect that another individual or party or entity has knowledge of your access details then you should contact us immediately.

It is strictly forbidden to use the Site for any unlawful or unauthorised purpose, including without limitation :

  • distributing any harmful, insulting, unlawful, abusive, threatening, offensive, obscene or other objectionable material
  • disrupting, damaging, destroying, disabling or impairing the operation of CasaMeals
  • transmitting material breaching any laws, regulations, rules or codes of practice
  • attempting to gain unauthorised access to CasaMeals, its databases or to connected networks, through hacking, scraping; spoofing or software tools or other means.
  • Interfering with any other persons use of the Site

Information and content submitted.

You formally represent and warrant that all the information, content and material that you provide to CasaMeals for hosting, is original to you. You granted CasaMeals an unlimited, uninterrupted, perpetual, world-wide, royalty-free license to use such communications or material in any way CasaMeals sees fit and we will be free to use any such material or information contained in communications you submit for any purpose whatsoever.

Placing an order

The meals and products on display on the site, are not prepared by CasaMeals and are not in any way under the control of CasaMeals. Therefore, CasaMeals accepts no responsibility or liability for the quality, taste, hygiene or quantity of any goods, meals or food delivered by or collected from its members. It is the exclusive and sole responsibility of the member to carefully check the offer on the website and the member buys at its own risk.
The selection, purchasing, handling, storing, preparation and cooking of the food are the exclusive and sole responsibility of the 'home-cook' accepting your request. CasaMeals does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the meals provided.

Alcohol and Cigarettes

CasaMeals has been designed only for home-cooked meals, 'prepared with a passion' by non-professionals, serving the community, on a non-commercial basis. CasaMeals has not been designed to offer commercial products such as alcohol or cigarettes and therefore it is strictly forbidden to post these products or have them 'on display' on the CasaMeals platform.


Once your order has been accepted, this represents an agreement between you and the 'cook member'. The 'cook member' has sole responsibility for the proper execution of your request. Payments take place via a cash-only transaction.
Prices are subject to change and all meals are subject to availability, outside our control.

Payment of CasaMeals fee

CasaMeals reserves the right to change its 'free policy' and to request a commission and/or fees for usage of the services of the platform; at any time in the future . Any member who does not wish to be part of the paying program that may be introduced some time in the future, is free to terminate its membership and can – at that time - simply unsubscribe from the platform and cease using the services without any obligation.


The ratings contained on CasaMeals are for informational purposes only and do not constitute advice. Nor does CasaMeals make any warranties. Nor should you rely on ratings to take or refrain from making any decision. Ratings are the (subjective) opinions of members who have used the site previously and any remarks, observations, questions, statements, advice or opinions made by these members are those of such members only.

Bills and Taxes

CasaMeals shall have no responsibility for determining the necessity of or for issuing any formal invoices or bills or other formal documents or for determining, remitting, or withholding any taxes applicable to the payments to the members. The members shall be solely responsible for determining whether it is required by applicable law to issue any formal invoices or bills for the monies being paid to them and for issuing any invoices or other document so required.

The member is solely responsible for determining whether it is required by applicable law to remit to the appropriate authorities : value added tax, other taxes, levies or other charges applicable to the monies received, and for remitting such related taxes, levies or charges to the appropriate authorities.

Electronic Notice

You consent to the use of
(a) electronic means to complete this Agreement and to deliver any notices pursuant to this Agreement; and
(b) electronic records to store information related to this Agreement or your use of the CasaMeals Platform. Notices hereunder shall be invalid unless made in writing and given

(a) by CasaMeals via email (in each case to the address that you provide),
(b) a posting on the CasaMeals Site or
(c) by you via email to or to such other addresses as CasaMeals may specify in writing. The date of receipt will be deemed the date on which such notice is transmitted.